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(who is just some guy with a red mask that basically mooches off his girlfriend)Holy crap! It's so stupid and outrageous but it's friggin' HILARIOUS!! Surprising even after Sunred's inactivity, he is still in good shape can lay heavy beat down on Florshiem's monsters.

Ep 1 Funny that Sunred is almost like bullying the villians. It's just surreal seeing how loser-like the evil organization is in the face of unbeatable justice. " "I think I put it in the hardware box a few years ago." Who needs fancy guns when his fists are strong enough? It's such a stereotypical scene and the whole 'go to a foreign country only to end up being a convenience store clerk' thing has such a realistic streak to it. It really does sound like a toku song, and the song coupled with it "Tentai Senshi Sunred no Theme", wouldn't be out of place either. If you look at the OP song of the show carefully you find that it hinted alittle bit of back story on how Sunred and the evil organization Florshiem used to be before they become the way as we see them now.

Genderbent anthropomorphized Usakotsu: full OP theme is awesome.

Under the direction of their local leader, Vamp, they help members of the community, run a cooking show, assist Kayoko Uchida whenever possible, and try to attack the ever powerful Sunred.

All in all, a light parody of the Japanese hero genera.

Covers: Kubota Makoto Young Gan Gan's page for the manga: Genre: Seinen, Comedy Can someone give a brief synopsis for those of us who are curious? With Sunred activities stopped, Florshiem's activities dropped dramatically and degraded overtime.

It's pretty much about this "evil" organization led by General Vamp, that is striving for world domination, but before they start their pathetic attempts at it, they need to defeat some "hero" astro fighter sunred. Because in typical Toku shows, it is impossible to take over the world as long as the hero of Justice is completely defeated.

The seinen manga Tentai Senshi Sunred by Kubota Makoto will be getting animated. Just gotta love how serious the OP makes it out to be. You've gotta wish all toku heroes were as awesome as Sunred :eyespin: When was the last time you see the protagonist giving his enemies disciplinary lectures and ordering them around like slaves? -Near the end we see Sunred sold off his bike and change into his normal T-Shirt and Shorts as he walks away.

Animation Production: AIC ASTA The anime will start broadcast in Autumn 2008, and it will be 26 episodes of 15 minutes each episode. -At the end we see how much Sunred's bike is sold for.

The "evil" organization's attempts at world domination are outshined by their MORE PATHETIC attempts at trying to "get rid" of Sunred! I've been following this quite religiously over at nicovids before recently taking up downloading the raws. So he has an obligation as a gigolo (instead of a defender of justice) to keep fit, I'm pretty sure that in common sense no normal women would hire a gigalo that is fat.

And if I were a super-powerful, "hope-of-the-world" hero, I'd be likewise PISSED at how these damn villains go about their "task". :) Damn, I'm sold on this anime..ANBU continues and finishes this one! Cool didn't know there was a thread for this on Ani Suki.

Thing is, the world may be a better place if Florshiem does manage to win since most of the heroes seen happen to be rude and uncouth brutes, At least, it may be better for good eating :heh: Also Kayoko is I'm liking the new OP with Firebird Form.