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The forest’s relatively small 28, 000 acre size belies its importance. The rugged Luquillo Mountains that rise to 3,533 ft. Their steep slopes can sometimes receive rainfall of over 200 inches (508 centimeters) per year at higher elevations.

Carabalí Estates is truly the best homestead to Build your Private Caribbean retreat in!Carabalí Estates sits on a 600 acre land of uparalleled beaty, close to Marinas, water sports, golf courses, exclusive five-star hotels, adjacent to the grounds of Carabalí Rainforest Adventure Park, La Cava, and only 30 minutes away from San Juan. This amazing 2.5-hour horseback tour takes our guests across the crystal clear waters of the Mameyes River, through our tropical forest and along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at Luquillo Beach.El Yunque National Forest is the sole tropical rain forest in the U. Caressed by gentle easterly winds the forest has an average temperature of 73° F (21° C), and seasonal changes are almost imperceptible.You’ll explore stunning panoramic views aboard our premium 4x4 off road touring vehicles.

Carabalí offers exhilarating one and two-hour UTV Side by Side rides through its 600-acre ranch located at the foothills of the El Yunque National Rainforest.Enjoy life and engage with nature at Carabalí Estates, a unique opportunity in the skirts of one of Nature Wonders: El Yunque Rainforest.Unique lots with the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.Carabalí's land sits on the foothills of El Yunque and shares the landscape, flora and fauna of the spectacular Forest.Chapter four Re-creating African Ethnic Identities in Cuba Matt D.You have until WEDNESDAY, JUANUARY 31, 2018 to buy and redeem with 40% DISCOUNT ** our adventures of Fourtrack ATV, UTV and horses in the woods or on the beach when you buy your ticket directly in Carabalí or when booking online by entering the promotional code BACKTONORMAL.