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When she refused both options, he threatened to draw up charges of misconduct and present her for a general court-martial. I want to hear you say it happened." She called him a coward for covering-up and denying her rape. By the film's end, she had returned to India with her mother for further enlightment, and he had returned to the United States - married (to Pam Grier) and the father of twins, and a letter between them conveyed that something Pretty model/actress Kelly Monaco, fresh from being Playboy's April 1997 centerfold Playmate, also gained greater public acclaim for her roles on the soaps General Hospital and the spin-off Port Charles.

Campbell strode onto the site at am where Elisabeth was spread-eagled. After betraying her and telling her: "I don't give a damn what happened to you 7 years ago," he walked away. In non-linear fashion, it told about the life and sexual exploits of a British director/ethnographer Nic (Julian Sands) in various stages of his life, when young and teenaged, during the 50s, and then in present day.

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The film was considered controversial for its scenes of unsimulated sex (although some involved body-doubles).

This extreme film told about privileged would-be writer Pierre Valombreuse (Guillaume Depardieu), living (incestuously or Oedipally?

Although the film commented upon the gender inequalities in the military, it was also criticized for leering at the female victim when she was gang-raped by trainees dressed in camouflage, and the horrific image of the murdered victim laid out and then decomposing was often revisited during the film.

At the Army base outside Savannah, Georgia, Elisabeth was soon found murdered.

All you have to do is convince your daughter that she, the academy, the Army, and the cause of equality would be best served if she just forgot about the whole thing."In the hospital, the General had coerced and urged his daughter to forget the incident: "It never happened. I f--ked you."In the conclusion, Brenner reprimanded General Campbell, who still claimed he had done nothing wrong: "Nothing is gained by my involvement." He was planning on further covering-up his participation in the entire incident. I envy those people that, like, play basketball all through high school and through college. It starred Kate Winslet as young, earthy Australian religious cultist Ruth Barron who had been to India where she was spiritually enlightened by a hypnotic cult guru named Baba (who renamed her Nazni).

None of this ever happened." When the General met with Brenner, he still believed that the rapists couldn't be caught, and that he had no other choice but to deny the rape. Brenner was steadfast as he confronted the General: "You really don't get it, do you? They had something that they were really good at and I just never, just never had that. Upon her return to Australia, she was forced to be deprogrammed over three days in a remote Halfway Hut in the outback by professional "number one exit counselor" P. Waters (Harvey Keitel) from Los Angeles - a misogynistic, rough-hewn, mustached man with dyed black hair.She called it "psychological warfare, and that the enemy was daddy." Elisabeth was dating the Chief of Police's deputy son Wes Yardley (Chris Snyder), but only for outward show.Seven years earlier, she had been gang-raped by six men as a West Point cadet (in her sophomore year) during a nighttime training exercise when she became separated from her group. That you knew she was out there, that you went out and talked to her and left her there to die....As Brenner left the room, he was attacked by an unidentified masked man who stole the bag of videotapes.At the murder site, Sarah astutely examined the evidence.Brenner presented him with the list of 6 names - the men in Captain Bransford's squad, who had been arrested and faced 20 years in prison. The only mind Elisabeth wanted to f--k with was yours. You killed her...7 years ago in that hospital room when you told her to just forget about it, you killed her.... Confining her and making her captive for the treatment, he first attempted to gain her respect, then strip her of her sari ("remove her props, upset her and provoke her"), but succumbed to her sexual advances.