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However, in April 2005, a court rejected the claims, ruling that the tests were in compliance with UK regulations because Botox is used for therapeutic purposes to prevent muscle spasms and Mann was found guilty of burglary.

Thank you too for your involvement in researching about the crash of the plane that was flown by my Uncle Denis.

It was good to spend the day with you and your friends; I appreciated the opportunity to visit the grave and the site of the crash.

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The owner claimed that the act was "..a great example of animal cruelty,", He argued that the tests were illegal because the product was being tested for cosmetic purposes, which is banned in Britain.The Southern Animal Rights Coalition also received paperwork which they say demonstrates cosmetic Botox was being tested on animals.of the 22,000 mink, 9,000 of the animals were recovered by 8pm the following evening.The police were called shortly after the break-in at around 4 pm, when someone saw hundreds of mink running from the farm.As fire fighters tried to save the hall, the owner remarked that the heat was extraordinary, and that the building was ablaze from end to end.

Wallops Wood Farm at Droxford, Hampshire, is raided by 16 members of the ALF and 1,000 chickens are "liberated", with activists claiming damage to cages, eggs, conveyor belts, feed apparatus, equipment, food stores, staff toilets, canteen, rearing shed and a delivery truck.The ALF continued into the 1990s, causing even more damage, with notable actions such as the jointly claimed ALF and Earth Liberation Front (ELF) arson at the US Forest Service Oakridge Ranger Station, which caused .3 million worth of damage.A series of raids also followed, which frequently targeted fur farms and animal laboratories and their breeding facilities, A Rose Acre Farm chicken feed truck in Indiana was torched, with the ALF spray-painting "Polluter, animal exploiter, your turn to pay," at the scene.A 15-YEAR-OLD schoolboy who shattered his headteacher's cheekbone with a single punch has been spared custody.Dexter Hungwa, of Grove Street, Deptford, shouted "ginger bitch" and knocked Elisabeth Jones to the floor because she told him to close a door.The ALF and the ELF jointly claimed responsibility for the attack, noting that it, (the attack), was "a warning to corporations worldwide".