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Businesses also have joined the national fight against violence.

Hundreds of companies, led by the model programs established by Altria, Polaroid, Liz Claiborne, The Body Shop, Aetna and Du Pont, have created Employee Assistance Programs that help victims of domestic violence.

Two years on from being fitted, he can still feel like he is 'hitting a wall', or that there is a 'barrier he can't get past'.

Click here to read a comprehensive description of all of the new changes to OVW-administered grant programs.

According to President Obama, VAWA 2013: 2005 Congress took a more holistic approach to addressing violence against women.

One tweeted today: 'Eyes still puffy today from crying them out last night for the boy who heard birdsong - and his name - for the first time aged 15.' Speaking on the show, which followed three students at the school over the course of a year, Lewis explained he had been hesitant about having the implant fitted.

They are a sensitive issue among some parts of the deaf community, who regard them as an unwelcome attempt to 'cure' deafness.

Lewis' mother Jaime recalled on the show how she watched her son wrestle with his decision.'I think he felt disloyal to deaf culture by even contemplating it, because he'd been brought up to be deaf and proud - it was a massive step for him to say he was curious,' she said.

Lewis explained there was no instant, overnight change as a result of getting the device.

It's like you want it but you can't get it - there's a barrier you can't reach and you feel like you've hit a wall.' Yet there have been beautiful moments too – like the time he discovered he could hear birdsong.

'I recorded a sound and I thought "what is this sound?

In addition to enhancing criminal and civil justice and community-based responses to violence, VAWA 2005 created notable new focus areas such as: VAWA’s effectiveness is evident in the progress that has been made since implementation.

We know that local, state, and national laws are changing; programs, businesses, and communities are responding to victims’ needs; and studies show that rates of violence and reporting of crime are changing.

He was raised to be 'deaf and proud' and attends specialist deaf school Mary Hare, in Newbury, Berkshire.