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What if success is inadvertently driving love away from you?

Over the years of writing books on love for smart, educated, successful folks like yourself and advising thousands of you, here’s what I’ve observed and some suggested remedies.

And it’s easy to fear or loathe jerks, but kind of hard to love them.

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Isn’t that a luxury to be attended to once all the important stuff is done? In his magisterial book, , Dr George Vaillant of Harvard Medical School summarised the findings of the 75-year long ongoing study into the correlates of happiness and success.He found that the most important correlate of your long-term health and happiness was the strength of your intimate relationships. Full stop.” So if you’d like to have a better love life, consider making people a priority.And maybe in spite of success in your career, success in your love life has still been elusive.But what if it’s not of it that your love life is anemic?•When you’re stressed, you produce the hormone cortisol.

This is the hormone of the underling, versus testosterone, the hormone of dominance.On top of that, I was trying to prove myself worthy to my superiors, all while taking care of sick people who needed my attention around the clock.All this did not make me more fun to be around, contributing to a lackluster love life.The biggest impediment to love that I’ve noticed is that people spend so much time on their careers that they don’t have time for people.Between conferences, meetings, all-night coding sessions, month-long trials, overnight hospital shift, and report deadlines, who’s got time for love?Read more: Meet confident single women up and down the UK In my last two years of medical school, I was one stressed-out puppy.