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It is incredibly easy to create a fake Facebook profile complete with pictures, friends, stories, jealous ex-lovers and even extensive background stories.

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The MTV show Catfish is hosted by Yaniv “Nev” Schulman, a film and photography artist who started a production company with his brother, Ariel Schulman.In 2010, Nev directed a hit documentary that went by the same name as the current TV show.Avoid feelings overload by making plans after six messages, or if you're on Facebook like Sunny was, two IM sessions. When you're e Flirting, it's always best to make plans online rather than moving to the phone.While this may seem counterintuitive to some, think of it this way: In our busy lives, finding time when both of you are available to chat on the phone becomes yet another thing to do before meeting and can block your relationship from moving forward.I for one hope that the stories become so outlandish and ridiculous that people are forced to question their own reality.

Back in the dial-up days, online dating was considered taboo.So power up your heart's hard drive and follow these rules to keep your screen devoid of emotional scammers: After six emails, meet up.When you're really into someone, it's easy to let conversation get intense online.How many times can you see someone have their heart broken? The show has everything you need to be both: relatable characters, romance, suspense, surprise and a catchy title. They aren’t about music or the celebration there-of.How many times do you have to watch an average guy duped into believing that a super hot blonde girl is on the other end of that Ethernet connection typing for hours, pouring out his feelings and deepest emotions? The only music-related thing MTV does now is flash up the song that is playing at the bottom of the screen. I have to hand it to Schulman though; he has made a name for himself.This will turn in to another Teen Mom: people trying to get involved in online relationships because they could be on MTV.