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He began his career in theater, starring in "Spring Awakening", "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", and the stage adaptation of "The Harmonium in My Memory", among many other musicals and plays.

After nearly a decade on the stage, Jo made his film debut as a comedic supporting actor in the 2012 box office hit "Architecture 101", which became his breakout role.

“You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin” is a 2013 South Korean drama series directed by Yoon Sung Sik.

TV presenter Lee Hwi Jae, 44, has issued an official apology to actress Lee Ji Eun (IU), Sung Dong-Il and Jo Jung Suk.

Meanwhile Soon Shin struggles to find work after graduating from school and works in temp jobs.

One day, she meets a man claiming to be Shin Joon Ho, the head of the talent agency Gabi Entertainment, who wants to make Soon Shin into an actress.

Hye Shin feels like a failure when she becomes a single mother after her marriage ends but finds kindness in Seo Jin Wook (Jung Woo), the neighborhood baker.

Yoo Shin puts her work ahead of her dating life but begins to realize that her neighbor, Park Chan Woo (Go Joo Won), means more to her than she thought.

Soon Shin’s life is further thrown into turmoil by the sudden accidental death of Chang Hoon and realization that her birth mother is the famous actress Song Mi Ryung (Lee Mi Sook).

What will become of Soon Shin’s relationship with Jung Ae and her sisters?

New dating rumors surrounding IU and Lee Jun Ki have sprung up, Rumors of IU and Lee Jun Ki dating fuels fans to ship them.

Wooyoung's dating rumor starts getting confirmed Noncelebrities have no consideration and always try to show off that they're dating celebrities.

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