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Star of the show: Amanda Loy believes she is the first little person to actively compete in the world of body building.Together with her coach Gordon Beecher, center of right photo, she is currently looking for sponsors to help her go professional She has been interested in bodybuilding for over two years.Meet people whose personalities and interests coincide with yours, and start making new friends and partners with the help of our free site today!

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She claims to be a Christian but won't move on from her issues with some of the other women. Then there's Terra, an evil trouble maker who although extremely beautiful, not,happy with herself.I don't want to watch backstabbing friends but most of all I DO NOT want to watch bullies in action.Why would any of these women want to call her a friend?She's never happy for anyone else's news or really hear any of,the others concerns because she's too busy crying, moping or talking evil about, Cristy!Then six months ago she started to embrace the rigorous diet and training regime - hitting the gym six times a week - required to compete.

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From time to time we get calls from people looking for umm... It's come to our attention that nobody seems to know that the word Midget seems to be taboo. once again, Midget seems to be a bad word so from now on we will just call them Dwarf, Dwarves, Little people, Little Person, Real Live Leprechauns, Real Elves or more importantly, we can just call them by thier names.

Have no fear, B3 is here to help you find the little people to help you with your Dallas area Midget needs! So, from now on, when you want to hire a little person in Dallas, just call us and we can help.

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