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Emma Watson is considered one of the most level-headed child stars of Young Hollywood.Which probably isn’t saying much, since child stars in Young Hollywood aren’t exactly known for their level-headedness.

N.’s #heforshe initiative in 2014—and he ended up giving her his name and phone number.

But Emma’s favorite inquisitor was a pair of little boys who brought me to my knees—literally, they were both under three feet tall—with this the question: “How do I be a good boyfriend?

But once convinced, all manners of questions came rolling out: acting tips, romance advice, suggestions for where to go in New York City.

A teenager visiting from London started a little debate with the activist about the changing face of feminism—Emma launched the U.

If the musical selections tend to err on the sappy side, the writing and acting continue to elevate Parenthood above most other domestic dramas.

The extra feature offers deleted scenes and two commentary tracks with creator Jason Katims.

These developments present opportunities as Adam and Crosby open up a recording studio and Julia and Joel arrange an adoption with Zoe (Rosa Salazar, very good), a young woman without the financial means to provide for a child, but the unintended consequences include sibling rivalry and a series of inappropriate employer-employee situations.

Adam and Kristina also decide to mainstream Max (Max Burkholder), who has Asperger's syndrome, by sending him to public school, which presents a whole new set of challenges.

Parenthood returns for its third season with 18 funny, surprising and always true-to-life episodes.

Big changes and big decisions await the colorful Braverman family, from welcoming a new family member and celebrating a new business venture to dealing with family illness and preparing for the future.

co-stars."Nobody really knew about it for a while," he added.