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You can create the Rad Grid instance and the grid structure in the Page. Then the instance of Rad Grid is added to the controls collection of the Page. Need Data Source = new Grid Need Data Source Event Handler(this.

In this case, no View Stateis required for the grid structure to be persisted because it is recreated on each page initialization.

That's why Rad Grid provides the ability to access cells in items using the corresponding column’s Unique Name.

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This help article describes seven common mistakes that customers make using Rad Grid and offers solutions to the problems. In order for Rad Grid to work properly, it is very important to build the grid structure correctly. There are no other special requirements in this case. Page Size = 15; Grid Bound Column bound Column; bound Column = new Grid Bound Column(); bound Column. Since Rad Grid saves all of its structure properties (Detail Tables, Columns, etc.) into the View State, building a Rad Griddynamically is a task very similar to creating and adding controls dynamically to a web page.

See following two scenarios offer possible approaches to dynamically create a Rad Grid that ensure that Rad Grid will behave normally. Detail Table Data Bind = new Grid Detail Table Data Bind Event Handler(this.

Need Data Source, New Grid Need Data Source Event Handler(Address Of Me.

Detail Table Data Bind, New Grid Detail Table Data Bind Event Handler(Address Of Me.

This means that with standard hierarchy, in each level of hierarchy, all items will have an equal number of details tables (one orseveral in the same level).

That is why,if you have template columns for example, and you have to search for a control that is in the edit template, you should search the Edit Form Item instead of the edited item. Rad Gridsupports hierarchical database structure or building hierarchy through self-referencing source table (having ID-Parent ID relations in the same Data Table).

Rad Grid can extract values from columns that are set as read-only, if the column's Force Extract Value property is set to: The default value for the Force Extract Value property is "None", which means that the extraction of default values will not be performed for read-only columns.