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You bet over four and a half goals, five goals – and you can probably cash your ticket at that point. “You look at that sport as a whole, you look at these kids – not making a lot of money.

You look at the lifespan of an athlete in that sport, then you put a betting line on it?

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Metro recently spoke with Joe Gagliano, author of the new book No Grey Areas, about how difficult it would be to rig a pro football game and how easy (or hard) it would be to fix other major sports in the U. Gagliano financed, orchestrated, and was later indicted for his role in one of the most prominent point-shaving scandals in U. history in the Arizona State basketball case of the 1990s.Football As much as Patriots haters would like it to be the case, Gagliano believes the Super Bowl was on the up and up.“In football, you’ve got 11 guys on the field,” Gagliano told Metro.And they can’t have people sitting down or kneeling down during our national anthem,” Trump said during the Interview.President Trump went on to talk about NFL team owners and how, in his opinion, they need to step up and do something about their players.After all, Trump is buddy-buddy with Patriots owner Robert Kraft and both Trump and Kraft have a history with Putin (Putin once stole one of Kraft’s Super Bowl rings, so last week’s win was reimbursement).

As fun as those theories are, football is likely the most difficult game in all of American pro sports to rig.

He completely dictated everything that happened on the floor for that team.

He had the ball 80 percent of the time when the team was on offense.

If I was a kicker and I was on the take, I know I could not control my own destiny.”Basketball Gagliano’s cash cow was basketball, but he says it has become increasingly difficult over the years to rig what occurs on the court.“In the NBA it’s next to impossible today as well,” he said.

“A couple referees have tried to do it and even they were hovering around the 70 percent mark in terms of success. Even a lower paid bench player - that player is going to get yanked if he’s having a bad night.“When I was doing this thing in 93-94, I had a guy who was leading the NCAA in minutes played.

These kids are getting their brains pounded in, and there’s not a big payday there at all.“You look at a guy like Anderson Silva – pound for pound the best fighter in the UFC for years.