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One day he is kidnapped by Witchiepoo the witch and taken to Living Island.

She is also honorary coach of her beloved basketball team but she has to win over the players, fans and win the playoffs.

Bill Bailey Live Bill Bailey's (star of 'Black Books' and 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks') Part Troll tour has been a huge success playing over 60 dates throughout the country.

Inspired by countless Japan Yu GI Oh Many centuries ago the evil Anubis was defeated by a Pharaoh...

Present day Yugi, a schoolboy who likes to play the latest card games must now battle to save the planet before it is buried forever.

He is then held captive by the gay people in the prison and forced to watch a play which is about a gay triangle in a boy's school thirty years earlier...

Eddie Eddie is a limo driver who talks fast but who frequently puts her mouth into gear before her brain.

Complete Drummer Step by step instruction for playing the drums.

Topics covered include: 'Rudiments Around The Kit', 'More Rudiments', 'Motion Technique', 'Bass Drum Technique' '144 New Beats', 'Coordination', 'Creating A Drum Part', 'Goal Setting' and 'Snare Drum Mainten Love In Limbo Love in Limbo is a technicolour tour around the teenage libido as it was in 1957 when sex was still a dirty word.

Playmate Of The Year 2000 Jodi Paterson Are you ready to meet the first Playmate of the year for the new millennium?

We hope so because Jodi Ann Paterson is exploding on the scene with an abundance of talent and sensuality.

The film charts the relationship between sensitive school boy Jan-Erik (Alf Kjellin), his sadistic overbearing s Kill Bill: Volume 1 Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!