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Henson's final scene with Maxon in "Two Handfuls" is considered one of the best in the history of the industry.

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I know there's probably a 15 year age difference between the two, but I always wanted to see a video of them together, preferably a flip-flop. Hensen and John Davenport made several videos together, and somehow acted well enough to make me believe they had a connection in real life even if just a friendship.

Which reminds me: did Ryan ever bottom in any of his videos? My first "top crush" was on Jeff Palmer back in the late 90's. I remember getting a Colt brochure in college in the 70s and there was a tiny (I mean really small) picture of Gordon Grant fucking someone on a houseboat.

Later reports were that Henson/Seymour's boyfriend had come home from work to find him dead in his bedroom, a Bible in his hand.

Whichever scenario is true, Henson's was a tragic and senseless end for a beautiful and talented young man.

Way back in the stone-age, I cut high school one day specifically to go to Times Square and go to a movie house that showed the homo sex.

I will forever be grateful to Jack Wrangler for showing me that I could have a wet mussey even before I knew I had a mussey wet or not. 6, 2002One of the more popular performers in gay adult videos during the late '80s and early '90s, Mike Henson was born Kenneth Seymour in Sacramento (or Salinas, depending on your source).

Mike Henson His death just seemed so tragic to me after getting clean from drugs. After a stint in the Army, he settled in Los Angeles.

His clean-cut good looks and natural athletic body soon found him work with David Forest's Brad's Buddies service, and soon after followed his debut in gay adult films, most notably in "Big Guns" (1987), with Kevin Williams, "In Hot Pursuit" (1987), with Jeff Stryker, and "Two Handfuls" (1986) with Brian Maxon, Steve Wright, and Kevin Wiles.

According to legend Stefano, known for his encyclopedic knowledge of those in the industry, specifically requested Henson for his co-star.

Throughout this time, Henson was a frequent sight in bars and clubs in both L. and San Francisco, and was readily available and cordial to his fans.

He'll never be Peter North to me, and he can deny his gay-for-pay past all he likes, but I've got the video where he's fucked by a 12" dick over a desk.